Surfing Taranaki (ST) was formed as an incorporated society in 2006 by a group of
individuals who desired to provide a means of supporting those young surfers who wished to
progress their competitive careers at both national and international levels.

Then, in 2008 with the assistance of Sport Taranaki, ST joined the Sports Future programme
and contracted an Executive Officer who was directed to place the organisation on a firm
footing as a recognised Regional Sports Organisation (RSO) for Taranaki.

One of the early changes was a Special General Meeting called to amend the constitution
which changed the make-up of the committee from individual members to that of
representatives from the five incorporated surfing clubs of Taranaki (Waitara Bar Boardriders
Club, New Plymouth Surfriders Club, Oakura Boardriders Club, Opunake Boardriders Club and
Taranaki Christian Surfers) with an elected President, Secretary and Treasurer. This format
has proved to be highly successful as the clubs represent some 1,500 surfers throughout

ST is recognised by Sport Taranaki and Sport New Zealand as a Regional Sports Organisation
(RSO) and is affiliated to Surfing New Zealand, the National Sports Organisation (NSO) for
New Zealand Surfing.

In 2009 and with the help of Sport Taranaki and input from its affiliated clubs, ST developed a
Strategic Plan for 2010 – 2013. The outcome is a clear direction for the organisation, with its
purpose defined as to:

•        Lead, advocate and promote surfing in Taranaki through the provision of competitive and
recreational opportunities for all surfers.
•        Develop and promote quality opportunities for coaches, judges, volunteers,
administrators, and surfers at all levels
•        Protect and enhance the coastal and surfing environment so they remain safe, healthy,
accessible and clean.

here to download the strategic plan.

Since 2008 ST has hosted two Taranaki Surfer’s Balls, provided High Performance Coaching
courses to the regions elite junior surfers, organised KiwiSport Surfing for 1000s of Primary
aged school children, held Judging and Coaching training courses (to International Surfing
Association standards), resurrected the Taranaki Championships, created the Taranaki
Interclub Competition and Taranaki MicroGroms series, co-ordinated the Secondary, Primary
and Intermediate competitions and scholastic teams, hosted the New Zealand Primary School
Surfing Championships, the New Zealand Scholastics, a New Zealand Junior Series event, the
Big Works Big Wave Challenge, and it has instigated, organised and managed the highly
successful annual TSB Bank New Zealand Surf Festival (2010-2013).

ST is dedicated to the conservation and future-proofing of surfbreaks, and in 2009 after
successful lobbying of the Taranaki Regional Council (TRC), 83 surfbreaks were identified and
protected from future inappropriate development, degradation of water quality, and
procedures to maintain and enhance low-impact public access to the breaks were initiated.
here for more.

Planning is already underway for another New Zealand Surf Festival in April 2014.